Home Buying and Selling Superstitions

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Published: 19th August 2010
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As soon as my husband and I signed the papers for our new home, we were given more unsolicited advice about moving than when we told people we were having a baby. There’s something about moving – either buying or selling a home – that brings out the superstition in people.

My mom would not let us step foot into the home without first putting a pinch of salt in all of the corners of every room. She said this kept away bad luck and only invited in the good. While she was doing this, my grandma was busy burying onion halves on each side of my door to keep out ‘bad news.’ Because bad luck apparently hates salt and onions! Good to know!

The whole process got me thinking about the things people to do ensure that they can either sell their home quickly and effortlessly or move into a home with a new "worry free" start. I asked around and got some of the best, and most quirky, tips ever. Hopefully if you’re trying to sell a home, or if you’re buying a new one, these old wives tales I’ve collected can help you.

Feng Shui Tips to Sell

* Put fresh yellow flowers in the living room, hall or dining room.Turn a light on each empty room for at least 3 hours a day.

* Hang a small brass bell on a red ribbon outside the front door.

* In the south and southwest areas of the home, place yellow and fiery colored square or oblong rugs.

* In the west area of the home, use lots of metal, brass or copper accents and white, cream and grey tones to symbolically add strength and new opportunities.

* Place TVs, stereos and other electrical items in the northeast part of your home.

* Keep plants out of the bedrooms, but do make sure you match either side of the bed – including side tables and reading lamps.

* Don’t forget the importance of mirrors in feng shui. Mirrors work best in the east, southeast and the north areas of the home.

* Make sure you put potted flowering plants outside of your entrance, and keep the outside lights on all night.

Old Wives Tales to Buy or Sell

* To sell a home that’s not getting any offers, bury a statue of St. Joseph upside down in your yard. Once the home sells, be sure to dig up poor St. Joseph and put him in a place of honor in the garden.

* Bring your cat to a home you’re interested in, and send him out into the yard. If he comes running back, quickly, the house is unlucky. If the cat stays a while, put in an offer because, my friend, you’ve found yourself a home!

* If you’ve bought a home that you feel is your dream home, make sure the first person to enter the home carries bread (or rice), salt and a new broom into the home. Never bring an old broom into your home.

* If you’re looking at a new home, or are showing the home, make sure you and your guests enter and exit using the same door you entered.

* When selling a home, everyone may be familiar with the "baking chocolate chip cookies" trick. Try cutting lemons or dabbing vanilla on light bulbs instead.

* You should never move in on a Friday, or when the moon is waxing. Wednesdays or Saturdays are the best days for moving.

* Placing a comb under your bed will bring you prosperity and luck – this works whether you’re buying or selling.

* When showing your home, put fennel over the door jams to keep out negativity.

No matter how crazy you think some of these old superstitions are, when you’re desperate to sell, or are just looking for some honest-to-goodness luck you’d be surprised how willing you are to try anything. Besides, what can it hurt? At least that’s what I told myself when my mom was dousing my house in salt and fennel.

But remember, no amount of superstition can help you when you’re trying to find the right company to help you with your mortgage or finances. Leave the home loans to us, and use your free time to focus on your good home buying or selling vibes.

Jordan Fylonenko is a writer with Quicken Loanswho specializes in articles about Home Loan Rates, Mortgage Rates and other home-buying related information.

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